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Neville is boy who lived, harry is weak but manipulative [Mar. 22nd, 2015|02:22 am]
Harry Potter Search Community

Its a story about Neville being powerful and the boy who lived but everyone thinks harrys twin is it. Harry know the truth. Harry is weak but makes friends with Neville. He makes Neville want to protect him by provoking his twin into hurting him. might be Neville/Harry or not idk I think it is on Fanfiction.net but not sure.
Thanks for the help
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Slytherin!Harry, Founders Heir, Animagus, Mpreg, Drarry, Mentor Snape [Mar. 16th, 2015|10:01 pm]
Harry Potter Search Community


I think I have looked just about everywhere for this fic.

- Harry is sorted into Slytherin and the castle or sorting hat might have made an announcement that Harry was the heir to all of the founders (or that particular part may have been another fic).
- During the first Christmas holidays Harry finds a room with a portrait of the Founders. They tell him he is the heir to all of them. I think Dumbledore was suspicious and sent Snape to find Harry while he was missing.
- There is a special tower that Harry goes to live in. Each founder has a special room. I think Ravenclaw has a library where you can't remove the books and Hufflepuff which is the last to be found was a greenhouse.
- It was a Drarry fic with Mentor!/Father Figure Snape. There was Mpreg where Harry is pregnant with multiples. Harry may have found out he was pregnant in Hufflepuff's room.
- Harry is also a panther or some kind of big cat animagus and he kills Lucius Malfoy for abusing Draco in Malfoy Manor.
- Dumbledore is manipulative/evil. Voldemort ends up putting Dumbledore under Imperius and may have used his blood to become reborn.
- Harry controls the wards and he makes Hogwarts grow out of the ground and into the sky and there are these weird guardians.

That is all I remember. Thanks in advance!
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Harry, Ron and Hermione travel back in time to the Founder's era. [Mar. 13th, 2015|01:40 am]
Harry Potter Search Community

Okay, so I read this last year but forgot to bookmark it.
In it, as the title says, they travel back in time and meet the Founders, how start to teach them things. Salazar is a good guy and is angry when he learns Harry killed the basilisk but understands why he did it. He doesn't hate muggleborns and he isn't the ancestor of Voldemort, cause He's in love with Hufflepuff, and she can't have children. Slytherin can also control lightning, I think.

Any help would be awesome!!!
Thanks in advance.
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"A Black Family Fairytale" by Roelle/Ell Roche [Feb. 12th, 2015|08:37 pm]
Harry Potter Search Community


Does anyone happen to have a saved copy of "A Black Family Fairytale" by Roelle/Ell Roche? She took down all of her stories and I really want to read it again.

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Abused Harry is saved by Voldemort [Feb. 7th, 2015|05:19 pm]
Harry Potter Search Community

Harry is abused by his family and Voldemort saves him. Voldemort can still be kind of evil but he has to be nice to Harry. Thanks for the help
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taking charge [Feb. 4th, 2015|10:54 pm]
Harry Potter Search Community

I hope you can help me. A while back I've read this fanfiction on FFn, it's "Guardian" from logicalmagic. And I love it, another one was a series from rayrae118 the first piece is "It's OK Not To Be OK (But I Promise, I'm Trying)". So I'm looking for something that goes in the same direction. That means a grown up taking charge, may it be because of abuse from the Dursleys or that they don't feel Harry is prepaired enogh for his fight aginst Voldemort.
Also I would like to see something were Harry himself takes charge of his life.
And bonus points for finished fics or regular updaing, but I still like to see anything that comes to your minds.

Thanks and bye
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Baby Draco [Jan. 7th, 2015|11:18 am]
Harry Potter Search Community

Im tring to find a story where after or during the first war baby draco is left somewhere or giving to someone (not a death eater including snape) and they raise him. Narcissa may have run away with him and died or he was lost. He may have been left in the Muggle world or taken in by someone ( even the Potters as this could have been during the war).
any help would be amazing.
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James/harry, cheating lily (with Sirius, too!), pure, innocent!harry - PLEASE HELP! [Dec. 3rd, 2014|11:01 am]
Harry Potter Search Community

(Auror?) James Potter comes back from work to see his son sitting on the stairs and Lily cheating on him with Sirius. He immediately moves to divorce her and contacts a pureblood lawyer (possibly Rabastan or Lucius). Lily forgot to pick Harry up from Kings Cross and the affair has been going on for many years. More mingling with pureblood families occurs. James has to tell Sirius's wife about the affair. The only reason sirius married his wife was because Regulus loved the girl and Sirius wanted to take her away from him. James tells her that as Lady Black, she can prevent Lily from having access to the Black house and resources. Narcissa takes harry under her wing and assures James that loving him is okay; she dresses Harry in white robes that James gazes at in awe. Harry hangs out with Ron and Hermione. Ron is possibly in love with Hermione's younger muggle sister. Harry's godfather (sirius) is replaced with Lucius Malfoy. Incomplete, I think. I don't know if it was incest or not, but James was in love with Harry.

Would appreciate any responses!
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Harry/Ginny fic with lots of Molly-bashing [Oct. 11th, 2014|02:07 am]
Harry Potter Search Community
It's been years since I read this story and now I can't find it! :(

My memory of it is vague at best. Ginny is kind of estranged from her family, especially her mother. She shares a flat with Luna. I think she doesn't go by the name "Ginny" anymore. I think she maybe calls herself "Ev". At one point she has a flashback to some horrible family dinner during which Molly gets drunk and taunts Ginny in front of the whole family and Harry for wasting her life pining for Harry. Back in the present, Ginny keeps running into Harry at random places, and as they grow closer she also starts to mend her relationships with her family. That's all I can really remember, besides the fact that this story is delightfully angsty.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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Ron gets new abilities [Sep. 19th, 2014|07:20 pm]
Harry Potter Search Community

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I don't remember what caused his abilies to come, but I remember some of the basic points from the plot. Like he could drain things of their life force, and when he did that he got their special power if they had one. Also he gets kidnapped and has this ritual put on him where he has to do anything his captor says. Also he ran away from Hogwarts because people found out about what he is and the minestry was trying to catch him and kill him or something, because everyone who had powers like him were evil. He also found this whip while he was on the run that like had a mind if its own and when he would get mad it would heat up not alot but enough for Ron to know it was mad. He also has a dragon friend he found when it was a baby and it stuck with him because its mom died and there were something wrong with the dragons. Than Lupin found him but didn't tell and just stayed there with him. It wasn't a complete story, and this seems like a lot so I don't know if im like getting a few diffrent storys mixed up or not, but I don't think I am. OH and Ron helped Lupin and took the werewolf part of him away. Thanks :D
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