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Harry Potter Search Community
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So there's this story out there. You know Draco is Veela and Harry is his mate, but you don't know *who* wrote such majesty, and more importantly, you don't know *where* this story can be found.

Or you're looking for a particular genre of fiction (Drace is Veela, Harry sides with Voldemort), general fic recommendations, a community, a post someone made back in 2002 (or, hey, two days ago), and you're in dire need?

hp_inquiry is the right place to be ask and share.


1 )On-topic: Post your hunts for fiction, pleas for recs, your searches for anything in the Harry Potter fandom, and your fellow community members will do their best to help you in your quest.

Anything not on topic will be deleted automatically by an annoyed moderator.

2) In continuing efforts to kind of make this comm a bit easier to search, from here on out, please use these titles in your subject headers:

META SEARCH: (whatever you're looking for lalala here)

...and so on.

Use the subject heading; i.e. 'META SEARCH' or 'WEBSITE SEARCH'. If it's a fic, art or vid search, include the relevant character names/pairings etc.

3) Edit your posts with a link or an ETA: Found!, something along those lines, once whatever you were looking for has been found.

4) This community is for Harry Potter related inquiries only; for all other fandoms, we recommend you check out the_rec_room.

5) WE VALUE SPELLING, GRAMMAR AND CORRECT PUNCTUATION HERE. Don't rape English, please. This is a *public* community; bring apostrophes, capital letters, and proper grammar to the playground, please.

As time goes on search results will be place in memories so that they are easier for other to reference.

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